Pre - School

A warm and safe environment for young children from the ages 3 to 5. The starting place of learning, growth and development.

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Primary School

A nurturing place for children from the ages 6-10 to learn their fundamental values and lay the foundation of who they are going to be as an adult.

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Set your child in the path to a better tomorrow with The Cliff Nursery and Primary School, Ooty.


Welcome to The Cliff School

Nestled in the Queen of Hills, the Cliff School is surrounded with beauty and magnificence. Soaked in a long legacy of foundational education from the Nilgiris, the Cliff School continues on the journey providing exceptional education to every child preparing them for a bright tomorrow. The children benefit from the nature around them. The natural eco-system is a source of inspiration, creativity and growth in a child’s emotional, physical and cognitive status. Life of a student in Cliff is diverse and well-groomed through education, sports and other activities which make them unique and versatile students to win over the challenges in the modern world with discipline and pure character of agile adults.

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Our Programs

Learn & Grow by doing

  • Interactive Classes

  • Open Class : 08:00:00 - 10:00:00

Our classes are designed to be highly interactive and nurturing. The children learn ...

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Open Class : 11:43:00 - 12:48:00

Through arts and crafts the children are able to develop their fine motor skills.

  • Games and Sports

  • Open Class : 09:45:00 - 12:48:00

Playing is a way for children to take a break from academics flexing their physical ...

Why Choose Us:

Best Of Cliff

At The Cliff School, we emphasize on learning by doing. Learning by doing offers a one-of-a-kind effective method of learning and acquiring knowledge. This offers a different perspective of learning for the child that builds skill and confidence, embed a deep engagement and appreciation of the world and the people around us. When the children learn by doing, we are able to foster creativity and critical thinking in the child from a very young age.

  • The Cliff school cultivates a global, forward-thinking success mindset in the children preparing them to face the world and thrive. We believe the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.
  • The children grow in social, mental, physical and relationship aspects through their everyday interaction sin the school campus
  • Our boarding system provides children with the best homely food care to make life at Cliff a true Home away from Home environment.


Our Upcoming Curricular Events & Activities

  • Cliff Pre-School

  • Starting from July 2022 onwards

The Cliff School has been in the field of education providing the best education to children of age groups from nursery and primary. Cliff Pre-School is our newest venture in which beginners are given a step up before getting formal classroom education. Learn through play is the concept followed for preschoolers.

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Admissions are Open for Residential and Day scholars for the academic year (2023 - 24)