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The entire requirement may be ordered on admission, if the parents so desire. However, to ensure uniformity, starred items must be ordered from the school’s approved supplier at the time of admission.

All items are to be clearly marked with the child’s Roll Number. Children are required to bring four to six sets of home clothes to be worn on weekends and while going home for vacations. All clothes will be maintained, consisting of a mattress, pillow, 2 blankets, sheets, pillow cases and counterpanes for each child, though children are welcome to bring their own quilts and blankets. In addition to the above, the school will loan blazers and ties to senior children for special functions. These items will remain the property of the School.


The Medicare

The School Medical Officer, assisted by qualified Nurses are in charge of the health of children. All Children are weighed monthly and records of weights and heights maintained. Emergency cases are treated by specialists at parent’s cost.

Whenever necessary, serious cases are admitted to Private Nursing Homes / Hospitals in Ooty or Coimbatore and any illness of a serious nature will be informed to the parents.

  • Dental treatment - A dental inspection is carried out twice a year by a leading Dental Surgeon in Ootacamund. Further treatment, if involved, will be carried out at the parent’s cost.
  • Tonic and medicines will be allowed with the approval of the school doctor.
  • Every child should be vaccinated before admission against Measles, Typhoid, Cough, Diphtheria (Triple Antigen) and Polio Chickenpox, Diphtheria (Triple Antigen) and Polio.
  • A medical booklet available from the school should be completely filled by a registered Medical Practitioner prior to admission.
  • Children bringing medicines to School should submit the Doctor’s prescription, without which the Medicine will not be administered.

Visiting Hours

Parents may visit their children during the long weekends only. Children will be allowed one week End in a month expect during april and may when the rule will be relaxed. No child will be Allowed to go out with friends or relatives without the written consent of the Parent, countersigned by the office this will be strictly enforced.

Keeping in touch

Children write to parents regularly. Parents are requested to keep in touch with their children Through letter’s frequently. The children are permitted to receive phone calls from 3 pm on Saturdays to 5pm, on sundays. Phone calls on weekdays will not be entertained under Any circumstances.


There are two vacations in a year - the Monsoon vacation from early June to the end of July, and the winter vacation from early November to Mid-January. Children going home with school batches will be escorted to certain destinations, details of which may be obtained from the School office. No child will be permitted to return late from vacations without the written consent of the Director. Children will not be granted leave during the term, except in cases of emergency which will be the director’s decision.


True to the saying. A healthy mind in a healthy body, the School understands the nutritive requirements of the growing child. Hence, a scientifically devised, wholesome and balanced diet both vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian, is provided. Every child receives sufficient quantities of all nutritive food groups. It will not be necessary for the parents to provide extra milk and eggs, as the school will attend to physically weak children if any.

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